Oil & Petroleum products

We are the #1 Oil and Gas company in Dubai. At Dubai Oil & Gas Company LLC, we continue to consolidate our global efforts, to build a comprehensive product coverage and extensive logistics and storage capability to meet global demands of Oil and Petroleum Products.

Energy Trading is the thrust of our business and all of our operations are driven by trading. Trading is the channel through which we receive and share key market information that ultimately fosters the rewarding relationship we have with our customers worldwide.

Trading counterparty relationships across


around the world

Growing our trade volume to

thousand tons

of commodity and petroleum products monthly

Our group operations and offices are spread across



Our oil and gas equipment inventory span over

Onshore & offshore

Certified oil field equipments

What we offer

Our continued expansion across new markets accommodate trading of the following oil and petroleum products.


Dubai Oil & Gas Company LLC sources, stores and delivers cost-effective gasoline solutions to our global customers. We have built up key relationships in core global trading regions - Asia, Africa, Arabian gulf and the European Markets.

Fuel Oil

Our fuel oil trading team combines global presence, market knowledge and efficient logistics to connect producers and end-users. Traders monitor macro-economic and market-led patterns and trends. Our fuel oil analysts assess potential blending strategies.


Dubai Oil & Gas Company LLC trades and moves significant amounts of naphtha and condensates annually and we source supply and deliver naphtha feedstock and clean condensate for petrochemical customers, refineries and large industrial concerns.


By shipping, storing and trading gas, we meet the needs of both the petrochemical industry and domestic users. Our key strength is our ability to combine technical expertise with a strong commercial focus.


Our LNG spectrum of activities include a wide range of logistics, freight and storage facilities. We have been able to leverage our global resources to meet LNG’s complex logistics requirements.

Low Pour Fuel Oil

We are also an active participant in the Low Pour Fuel Oil Markets. We offer a competitive advantage to our partners and customers because we have the flexibility, speed and expertise required for turning market intelligence into market advantage.

Our Expertise

Gasoline 95%
Fuel Oil 80%
Naptha 82%
LPG 90%
LNG 87%
Low Pour Fuel oil 80%